“It was my 1st experience of helping behind the scenes and all the work that goes into planning…….” Jennifer Gall talks about her first Burns Supper for PAMIS

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Junior Administrator Jennifer Gall, who joined us in November, writes here about her experience of working at the 7th Annual Burns Supper for PAMIS on Saturday!


“I was a bit nervous beforehand, but all my nerves were put aside. When I arrived, I went into the hall which was stunning, and Kirsty handed me booklets to put on the table (the table was awful cluttered with all stuff). The Speakers were excellent, the time given for each speaker was just right.


The games – I collected 2 tables of head & tails money and helped with Gin Game with Jenny, tombola and silent auction were a great hit with guests. Alice and I were tasked with tombola and silent auction at the start of January. We split into 2 sections, so it will make it easier to split up along the way and we had it on a spreadsheet to log all the prizes which makes it easier to check off the prizes and keep a note for the how much it worth and starting bid, which makes it easier for Alice to make up Lot no to look back on the item so we don’t miss anything out. We emailed 180 restaurants, activity parks and nights away and we got 34 auction prizes and 36 tombola prizes. With the big organisations we emailed they had set charities and some of the organisations were so generous which I never expected. Alice and Christine went around Perth Road and got some excellent prizes which the guest will love and hopefully they go back again if they receive a pleasant experience, if the guest liked it they will tell the friends and it spreads.


The night itself was great. The guests mixed well, and the food was arrived on time and nicely presented.


It was my 1st experience of helping behind the scenes and all the work goes into planning and getting speakers organised. I had a great night, we raised over £5,000 for PAMIS and I hope I get to go to another next year.


What I learned is how much work goes into organising the event of this size e.g. the slides, sound, MC and how much time is given to each speaker, so it doesn’t run over, programme of events of the night (all the times etc so the guest knows what coming next which really helps) and silent auction booklet. The charity had to get it right tone for the night, I think it did it perfectly.


I wasn’t expecting the tombolo and silent auction to be such a hit on the night.  If it happens next year I think numbers order for all the prizes, this year it was not in number order. If we get as much prizes an extra table for the prizes.


On the night I was tasked with picking the correct prizes which matched the ticket pulled out of the bucket. A few tickets were missing, and the guests took the prizes without checking it matched up with the prize. At the start it was hard finding the number by the end it was easier because fewer prizes to look for. I thought the bucket and poster with the prices was a good idea, so the guests knew how much the tickets were. With the silent auction –  the clipboards with lot numbers, small description and starting bids was a good plan. All the tombola and silent auction were stored in the office and we split them up into 2 different categories, so it made on the night to categorize them, which saved time on the night. I think we need 1 extra staff member on the tombola, long queues at the beginning and the end so it flows easier and the guests are not waiting for the prize”


Alice Wilson (ACK Community Fundraising Intern) and Jennifer Gall (ACK Junior Administrator)



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