7 reasons NOT to go to this year’s Burns Supper for PAMIS

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With limited resources after Christmas it is no easy decision whether to attend a fundraiser in January – we know this. So to help you we have put together seven reasons why you should not even consider popping along to the Annual Burns Supper for PAMIS!!

  1. Having people bring you food and clear up around you (even washing the dishes!) is a real drag. The lovely food at the Apex only reminds us of our under performance in our own kitchens and no one wants this. Let’s face it.
  2. The wine on the table ruins our attempts to get to 10,000 steps on our new Fitbits. By denying us the opportunity to get up and down, up and down, this severely restricts our bragging rights when we fail to beat our friends in the weekly challenge
  3. Who wants to celebrate Burns?? It’s not as though anyone outside of Scotland knows ‘Auld Lang Syne’…do they? Does it matter that music legend Bob Dylan once said that Burns’ song ‘A Red, Red Rose’ was his greatest source of inspiration?  Who made the crazy decision to make Robert Burns the first person to feature on a commemorative bottle of Coca Cola??
  4. Why would you support this event anyway? The proceeds will be going directly to funding PAMIS’ mobile changing places toilet…the pamiloo. This will only change the lives of families across Scotland by enabling them to access locations around the country which they could not have done before due to a lack of fully accessible facilities. Who wants that warm and lovely glowing feeling knowing that you have contributed to this anyway?!
  5. Ceilidh dancing is fun. It is also great exercise. This is an abomination. Everyone knows exercise is not fun.
  6. Taking home fabulous prizes that you have won at this event is fraught with potential difficulties such as leaving them in the taxi and causing friction between jealous friends. Don’t let this tear you apart. Will somebody please think of the children!?
  7. The tickets for this event are an absolute bargain. For £50 you will have a welcome drink thrust into your hand, be fed a super 3 course Scottish Supper (vegetarian options available), wash it down with wine at the table and teas and coffees, be entertained by live music including some ceilidh numbers and enjoy the speeches and traditions of a Scottish Burns Supper. There is serious danger that you will experience a disturbed sleep pattern and increase in heart rate while pondering how on earth you would find a better way to spend £50. Oh yes…and on top of all this you will be supporting a fantastic Scottish Charity!!

Think about it. You know it makes sense. If you are still silly enough to think you should attend this event then please click here this link for tickets.

 You have been warned!


One Comment on “7 reasons NOT to go to this year’s Burns Supper for PAMIS”

  1. well done!
    I enjoy Burns Suppers but they can be too formulaic althught this has given me a great source of inspiration as they have you!

    what do you want me do to?

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