How changes to Facebook will affect small charities

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Recently it was announced that Facebook would be making changes to news feeds, showing more content from people’s friends and less from organisations in order to “encourage meaningful interactions between people.” This news is a cause for concern for many organisations, none more than charities and social enterprises, many of whom rely on Facebook to attract supporters and donors. Small charities in particular will be adversely affected by these changes. Many small charities have a smaller pool of supporters and only one member of staff dedicated to social media.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to reach your audience once these changes come into place:

  1. Be creative with your content – Make use of images, videos, GIFs, go live – avoid publishing posts that are just words, they are less likely to be shown on news feeds and people will scroll past them
  2. Always include a call to action on posts – Whether it be to like, comment or share a post, visit your website or to make a donation, you should always encourage your followers to engage with your posts. If people interact with your posts they will show up on their friends news feeds
  3. Make use of the Insights features – Facebook Insights can give you vital information including when your followers are online, which of your posts get the most reach and engagement, and the demographics of your most engaged followers (age, gender, location etc.). This can help you discern which of your content is most and least successful so that you can adjust in the future
  4. Boost your posts – If you have the budget, spending just a few pounds on boosting a post can make a huge difference to your post’s reach and engagement
  5. Invite people who engage with a post organically to like your page – When non-followers like one of your posts, invite them to ‘Like’ your page. They may have never heard of your organisation before and become interested once you have invited them to like the page

These changes to Facebook news feeds present all organisations on Facebook with a unique challenge, but it can also be an opportunity. If you dedicate time to ensure your content is interesting and inspires your audience to engage with your page, you can make it work for your organisation.

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