Develop your Skills

Developing an unsustainable or unnecessary project is a waste of time and resources. Research and planning are required to ensure that your potential new service is needed and/or feasible.

TrACK 10

We identified 10 essential topics suited to new employees, board members and new organisations. Topics include ‘Accessing local charitable trusts’, ‘Volunteering’ and ‘Press and Media Training’.
This training is delivered through the partnerships we have created with organisations such as accountancy firms, solicitors and publishing companies to ensure that the training you receive is completely accurate and up to date.

TrACK masterclass

An in-depth and interactive training session available for a range of topics relevant to this sector.

TrACK 1:1

An opportunity for us to work more closely with you. Our 1:1 mentoring sessions provide an opportunity to experience training designed for your specific needs.

In House Sessions

If you require a number of staff to be trained on a topic let us come to you. In house training is a cost effective solution for developing the skills of your workforce. It is tailored to your needs and flexible. We can time sessions to avoid peak times of activity at your organisation.