Develop Your Organisation

Developing an unsustainable or unnecessary project is a waste of time and resources. Research and planning are required to ensure that your potential new service is needed and/or feasible.

How can we Support you?

Snapshot Survey

It is great to know what your service users want, what they are thinking and how they view your service or product but market research can sometimes be prohibitive to a small charity or social enterprise. A Snapshot survey allows us to conduct research in a short time at very little cost.

Full cost recovery Calculation

ACK will calculate the full cost of your particular project or service, including an appropriate share of all relevant support services and other overheads. This ensures the sustainability and longevity of your organisation and the service you provide.

Writing your Business Plan

You may be working in the charitable sector but your organisation still needs to use business tools, such as a business plan, to plan for the future, and account to your members, and to funders and the public as you carry out your activities. A business plan is a clear and documented account of the activities you have decided to undertake over a given period of time, and the cost of making them happen. Our service will leave you with a plan which details your objectives and strategies, future activities, timescales, potential risks, funding streams and evaluation process which will enable your organisation to deliver more effectively.

Business Feasibility Study

ACK can analysis and evaluate your proposed service to determine whether it is necessary, technically feasible, achievable within the estimated cost, and sustainable.