Parting words from Finance and Planning Director, Clare Johnston

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As you may already know our Finance and Planning Director, Clare Johnston, is off to pastures new. She has been with ACK for 5 1/2 years and will be sadly missed from the team however we are delighted that she is moving on to a fantastic position. We grabbed Clare to ask her a few questions before she heads off to Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire.

What will you miss most about ACK?

“The staff! The banter, comradery and the japes.”

What are your highlights?

“Winning the John Sharp Futures Fund was a highlight for me but also securing funding for great causes and clients. I have really enjoyed working with the students who have come through ACK and taking part in the Kiltwalk and abseil for PAMIS. And it goes without saying that our legendary ACK nights out have been a highlight but I will be gatecrashing these in the future!”

What do you hope for the future of of ACK?

“I hope ACK goes on helping charities, social enterprise and community groups and that ACK continues to evolve and have a positive impact”

What will you take with you to your new role?

“The benefits of encouraging new partnerships, how to research issues that effect the range of organisations that we work with (I have done a lot of this!). I also take with me increased confidence.”


Good luck in your new role Clare! We will miss you!



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