Parting words from Head of Marketing and Communications, Fiona Harper

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Our Head of Marketing and Communications, Fiona Harper, is off to pastures new after 5 years of working with ACK. We will miss Fiona but we wish her the best in her new role at charity PAMIS. We asked her a few questions before she left. Here’s what she had to say.
What will you miss most about ACK?
I  will miss the team who are a lovely, fun, supportive bunch but I will miss my fellow marketing colleague Jenny the most. She has been great to work with. I will be gate crashing ACK nights out though rest assured!
What are your highlights?
So many! The growth of Charity Chit Chat, fun campaigns like the Monster March, the range of clients that have come through the doors who have made such a difference in the community.
What do you hope for the future of ACK?
I hope that ACK goes on developing and extending it’s range of services and support.
What will you take with you to your new role?
Lots of fun memories of my time at ACK and excitement to be with PAMIS during this new phase of growth and development.
We wish you all the best in your new role, Fiona!
 Fiona with her parting gifts

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